Take Part in Our Research - Online Studies


Parent Study

We are currently recruiting parents of children (aged 4-15 yrs 11 mths) with a diagnosis of autism to take part in a piece of online research. Find out more here

Adult Study

If you are 18 years of older and have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, we'd like to intive you to take part in an online study!

This study investigates how people use information from a cue to help them complete a task. In this study you will be asked to watch a number of short animations. The animations show a background of four patterns arranged in a grid and a small red dot, which will move over and between the four patterns. After watching the animations you will then be asked to make a judgement about which pattern was selected. When you have completed this part of the study you will then be asked to complete a questionnaire about personality traits and preferences.

The study will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and as a thank you for taking part we would like to send you a