Faculty Members
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Postdocs and PhD Students

Aikaterini Giannadou

1st supervisor Prof Elizabeth Milne
2nd supervisor Dr Andrea Samson (University of Geneva)
3rd supervisor Dr Megan Freeth

PhD title/topic “Trial-to-trial variability of cortical oscillation patterns in Autism Spectrum Conditions”

MScBrain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience, The University of Birmingham; MEd Autism, The University of Birmingham; BA Education, University of Aegean

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship

Reem Al-Jawahiri

1st supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Milne
2nd supervisor: Dr Myles Jones

PhD project: “EEG brain activity of 16p11.2 deletion and duplication carriers.”

MA in Cognitive Studies, University of Sheffield; BA in Marketing Communications, American University in Dubai

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship

Tamara Satmarean

1st supervisor: Prof Richard Rowe
2nd supervisor: Prof Elizabeth Milne

PhD project: “Heterogeneity in the Development of Antisocial Behaviour.”

MA Social Research, The University of Sheffield; MSc, Forensic Psychology; BSc, Psychology, East Anglia

Funding: ESRC White Rose DTP AQM 1+3 scholarship

Caroline Treweek

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth 
2nd supervisor: Dr Chantelle Wood

PhD project: “Shaping cognition and challenging perceptions of people with autism.”

MSc in Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University; BA in Social Work, University of Sheffield

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship

Dr Chloe Lane

Project title: “Cognition and behaviour in Tatton-Brown Rahman Syndrome and Weaver Syndrome”

Funding: Baily Thomas charitable fund
PI: Dr Megan Freeth




Emma Morgan

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth 
2nd supervisor: Dr Dan Carroll

PhD project: "The functional role of mental state attribution in social attention for individuals with autism"

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience – Durham University; BSc Applied Psychology – Durham University 

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship

Rhianan Ellis

1st supervisor: Dr Liat Levita 
2nd supervisor: Prof Elizabeth Milne

PhD project: "Neurological and Functional Significance of Sensory Sensitivity in Typical and Atypical Development"

MSc in Psychological Research Methods, The University of Sheffield. BSc in Psychology, The University of Sheffield 

Danielle Beaton

1st supervisor: Dr Fuschia Sirois 
2nd supervisor: Prof Elizabeth Milne

PhD project: "Exploring Self-Compassion and Well-being in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"

MA Social Research, The University of Sheffield; MSc Mental Health Research, The University of Nottingham; BSc Psychology with International Studies, The University of Nottingham/ The University of Adelaide.

Funding: ESRC White Rose DTP scholarship

Nazli Altin

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth
2nd supervisor: Dr Danielle Matthews

PhD project: "In-group bias in the gaze cueing effect"

MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Sussex; BA in Psychology, Hacettepe University (Turkey) 

Funding: Turkish government