Faculty Members
Lab associates



PhD Students

Aikaterini Giannadou

1st supervisor Elizabeth Milne
2nd supervisor Andrea Samson (University of Geneva)

PhD title/topic “Trial-to-trial variability of cortical oscillation patterns in Autism Spectrum Conditions”

MScBrain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience, The University of Birmingham; MEd Autism, The University of Birmingham; BA Education, University of Aegean

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship

Caroline Treweek

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth 
2nd supervisor: Dr Chantelle Wood

PhD project: “Shaping cognition and challenging perceptions of people with autism.”

MSc in Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University; BA in Social Work, University of Sheffield

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship

Reem Al-Jawahiri

1st supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Milne
2nd supervisor: Dr Myles Jones

PhD project: “Heterogeneity within the autism spectrum.”

MA in Cognitive Studies, University of Sheffield; BA in Marketing Communications, American University in Dubai

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship


Chloe Lane

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth 
2nd supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Milne

PhD title/topic: “Investigating the cognitive profile of Sotos syndrome”

BSc Psychology, The University of Sheffield

Funding: the Child Growth Foundation.


Nazli Altin

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth                                      2nd supervisor: Dr Danielle Matthews

PhD project: "In-group bias in the gaze cueing effect"

MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Sussex; BA in Psychology, Hacettepe University (Turkey) 

Funding: Turkish government


Emma Morgan

1st supervisor: Dr Megan Freeth 
2nd supervisor: Dr Dan Carroll

PhD title / topic: "The functional role of mental state attribution in social attention for individuals with autism"

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience – Durham University; BSc Applied Psychology – Durham University 

Funding: Departmental teaching fellowship